Bed Bugs in Kansas City

BED BUGS in Kansas City

Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies about the size of an apple seed. After feeding, however, their bodies swell and are a reddish color. They like to hide in tight spaces waiting for their next blood meal. Hence the name, bed bugs are typically found on or around beds where feeding is most likely to occur. They are also common on chairs, couches and furniture near feeding sites.

Bed bugs in Kansas City are hitchhikers and are typically carried from an infested site to create a new problem. These travelers can be carried on people and clothes as well as in bags, purses, and luggage. Another very common way of getting bed bugs is through used furniture. If you are receiving or purchasing used furniture, it is very important to check the items for activity first.

TREATMENT For bed bugs in Kansas City

The fear of bed bugs in Kansas City can drive people to do whatever it takes to solve a problem.  Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of, and while some frustrated homeowners may try to save money by doing it themselves, complete eradication is nearly impossible without the help of a professional. Home heat treatments can cause fires and damage property adding irreplaceable damage in some cases. Most over the counter products are designed to repel bed bugs which will create a bigger problem than you started with. The biggest problem with people using over the counter products is over application. The thought that if a little is good, a lot must be better, is a really bad idea. Over application in many cases can expose people to harmful chemicals. Using chemicals in a way not consistent with its label is not only wrong, but will create more problems. People tend to put these products on places they are not designed for which can damage furniture. With DIY products, it’s not always about the product, it’s about the application. Correct application comes with training and expertise.

HEAT TREATMENTS for Bed bugs in Kansas City

The use of heat to control insects is not a new concept it has been available for 20-25 years to control dry wood termites as well as other structural pests. More recently, heat has become more popular in the control of bed bugs. As the use of heat has become more popular, more companies are administering this option for treatment. There are 3 basic types of units being used: propane fueled units, electric units powered by existing electrical service and electric units powered by portable generators. In some cases, depending on the units being used, there are regulatory requirements required.

There are both pros and cons to heat treatments for bed bugs. In most cases heat treatments provide a quicker time to elimination as most heat treatments are completed all in one day.  If done correctly, there is not a need for additional treatments. The biggest downside to heat treatments is in some cases they tend to be more expensive than chemical treatments. The biggest reason for this is the cost of the equipment and maintenance needed to maintain the equipment. With heat treatments in most cases the warranties are limited.

Heat treatments consist of bringing heat into the structure using propane fuel or electric heat. The heat is elevated to levels that bed bugs cannot handle. There is more to a heat treatment than just elevating the temperature as the levels must be monitored and adjusted throughout the treatment to prevent damage to contents. By using fans inside the heated rooms, the heat is distributed into the areas the bed bugs are likely to hide while maintaining the proper temperatures. In some cases small chemical applications can be included in a heat treatment to help reduce the possibility that bed bugs are not reintroduced into the treated areas.


Chemical treatments for bed bugs have been around for centuries. With the resurgence of bed bugs in the last 10 years, many chemical manufacturers have begun producing more products to help combat the spread of bed bugs. Unfortunately, along with these manufacturers, there are many other companies also trying to ride the wave by creating products for sale over the counter to kill bed bugs. In many instances, these products are no more than a scam. Although some of these products will kill bed bugs, they are not a useful product to eliminate an infestation. Hence forcing people to continue to purchase more and more to try to get rid of the bed bugs. Only costing more money while not solving the problem. While products sold over the counter claim to be safe, they do not take into account for improper use. This is where people seem to have issues self-treating.

Probably the biggest factor when it comes to chemical treatment is the knowledge of the pests. This is true with almost all methods of treatments and with all types of insects. Anyone can “spray” for bugs, but professional can treat provide applications to specific targeted areas to insure effective control of pests with little to no harm. Most commercial products on the market are considered safe if used properly. It’s all about the knowledge and training! When you hire athe right professional, you get experience and you should get results.

The method of treating with chemicals is very complex. Knowing where to treat and how to do it in the most effective manner is key. Bed bugs like to hide in very small tight spaces, so knowing where to look and how to effectively treat is important. Targeted applications to box springs, bed frames, night stands and even mattresses can be made with the slightest of chemical used. Probably the single most important step is inspection. If you are not finding the pest where they are hiding, you have a minimal chance of eliminating the problem. This is where it is important to locate an experienced professional that has experience and can do the job right the first time. When using a chemical treatment it is also necessary to have regular scheduled follow up visits. The chemical approach is not a one and done treatment like a heat treatment can be. It can take up to 2-3 months to effectively solve a large bed bug infestation. These follow up visits require a keen eye and persistence to continually locate the activity so it can be retreated as needed until they are eliminated. When choosing a pest control professional to get rid of bed bugs, make sure they have experience and outline the entire treatment process start to finish. Make sure there are not hidden charges that could occur if they have to keep coming back to retreat.

As mentioned before, the method of treating bed bugs with chemicals goes back a long way. Today, many products provide a safe alternative to those of the past. So don’t relate treatments from 40 plus years ago to anything used today. You might find different methods of treatment from company to company and you also may find different warranties too.

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