Bed Bugs

The first thing to understand is bed bugs can happen to anyone. The pest can latch onto your clothes or even crawl into your bags. Many people want to sleep in another bed or go to a hotel. This is the worst thing to do. By leaving your own bed, the bugs will seek new places to live leading to a larger infestation and spreading themselves throughout your home making your expense higher in the long run and causing more headaches.

Something You Should Know! Bed bugs can live up to 3 months with no food and more than 10,000 bed bugs can live in one colony.

Short Term Solution:

  • Visit a local store to get the following.
    a. ‘Bed Bug Certified’ mattress protector.
    b. ‘No Pest Strips’
    *There are bug sprays that will be a very short term fix to spray baseboards. This will only
    temporarily keep more pests out, but is not strong enough to kill all the current bugs and eggs.
  • When you arrive back home, vacuum your mattress and box springs the best you can. Also, vacuum all cracks and crevices around your bed, pull out furniture and vacuum behind as well.
  • Once you have vacuumed the area, put the mattress protector on both the box springs and mattress. Empty cannister or throw away bag when done. *NOTE: This will not kill the pests, but trap them in the mattress or boxspring so they cannot feed or spread.
  • Next, put your bed sheets in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes wash them in hot water, with soap, and dry on high heat.

American Pest Long Lasting Solution

  • We can determine the size of infestation and pest control needs of your home with a FREE NO COST, NO OBLIGATION 20 Minute PEST AUDIT…
  • Severe infestations need maximum treatment. We always look for permanent solutions to the problem at hand. Treatment could include wall void applications, vacuuming, targeted crack and crevice applications on your bed and furniture, Heat Treatments, installation of mattress and box spring covers, and follow up inspections.
  • After Initial treatment, preventative maintenance (Every other Week, Monthly, Quarterly, or Semiannually) may be necessary to keep the pests out of your home for good.

Happy Clients

Your installers have done an outstanding job so far. The one who treated the house and did the Sentricon installation clearly communicated what he was doing and what to expect. The overall communication and professionalism was outstanding. I would pay premium price to receive this level of service again.

Kyle H.

Choosing American Pest Management to control the pest control needs in my home and business is the best thing we ever did.

Cindy H.

Your technician installed the Sentricon System and inspected our home, he answered all our questions and was very professional in his business he took care of with us. Thank you to your technician for an extremely satisfactory job. Thanks again!

Dennis P.

We have been very pleased with your service thus far. Our technician is very pleasant and professional. He has always been flexible when we have had to change your schedule to fit ours. Thank you for your service and professionalism, it has been great and we look forward to working with you.

Robert and Jeanie M.

The service is excellent, I like the idea of treatment for termites in a more environmentally responsible and safe way.

James and Mary L.

My technician is a super nice young man and I have been extremely happy with the treatment, none of those chirping crickets was wonderful. I would recommend your service to any and all persons I know. Thanks for a super job!

Betty A.

It’s the best thing I have ever done. Pest control was the best thing I could do to increase the quality inside my home!

Paul M.

Excellent customer service and experience. I recently used your company as a result of a potential brown recluse problem. The customer service representative who answered your Olathe office phones was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The technician who came to my house was very thorough in his inspection, took the time to explain the process and created a comfort level that he cares about serving the needs of the customer. I will go out of my way to refer your company.

Eric R.

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